Monday, February 06, 2006

Career Development - Where Do Baby Law Librarians Come From?

Over at the Out of the Jungle blog (University of Buffalo Law School), there is a series of posts about the career development of law librarians:
  • Why Do Librarians Eat Their Young?: "My question is really, why do practicing librarians insist on experience when hiring newly graduated librarians? This seems both impractical and cruel, doesn't it? ... How can we possibly expect them to come to us with experience when they have just finished library school? Well, there are several ways to accomplish this..."
  • Where do baby librarians come from? : "Betsy [author of the 'Why Do Librarians Eat Their Young' post] raises some good points about practical training for law librarians, and in fact that is a major emphasis of the law librarianship program at the University at Buffalo. We do everything we can, short of tackling the students in the hallway and forcing them into a seat at the reference desk, to make sure that our JD/MLS students gain practical experience before they graduate. We do this in a number of ways."
  • Just where do baby librarians come from? (with photos!): "[Jim] may want you to believe that baby librarians come from library schools and lead a 'human' life like the rest of you folks out there. I am here to reveal the darkest secrets of librarianship."
  • More about librarian development - seriously

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