Saturday, February 04, 2006

Global Corruption Report 2006

Transparency International, an international non-governmental organization dedicated to combating corruption across the world, has just released its Global Corruption Report 2006.

The major focus of this year's report is the impact of corruption in the healthcare sector in developing countries.

"The report shines a powerful light on the global US $3 trillion health sector, exposing a maze of complex and opaque systems that are a fertile field for corruption. While the majority of people employed in the sector perform their functions with diligence and integrity, there is evidence of bribery and fraud across the breadth of health services, from petty thievery and extortion to massive distortions of health policy and funding fed by payoffs to officials. " [from the Feb. 1, 2006 press release]

Among other issues, the report examines how aggressive marketing techniques are used to pressure doctors into prescribing certain drugs and takes a look at the growing worldwide market for counterfeit drugs. It also shows how corruption is undermining the international fight against HIV/AIDS.

As well, the report presents evidence of financial irregularities in post-tsunami relief operations.

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