Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Law Library Branding and Recruitment

Here are 2 articles from the February 2006 edition of the AALL Spectrum (AALL = American Association of Law Libraries):

  • Even Law Librarians Need a Brand: "Why should libraries care about brands? Because whether it has been given careful thought or not, every institution has a brand. Whether the brand is strong enough to be favorably remembered by clients is another matter. This article will give you the tools to identify your brand and to understand how useful it can be in your marketing efforts."
  • Perspective: A Self-Fulfilling Shortage?: "Most of us at one time or another have read an employment ad that seems to be a joke. You know the one: 'Wanted law librarian. Must speak five languages; have a doctorate; and work evenings, weekends, and holidays. Sunny disposition and at least 15 years experience required. $15,000 a year, plus benefits.' Fortunately such egregious expectations are rarely seen. But even arguably justifiable expectations can have negative and unfair consequences."
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