Monday, February 13, 2006

More on China Internet Censorship

This is a follow-up to the Feb. 1, 2006 post More on the Google China Censorship Controversy.

Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and Cisco Systems will be grilled next week at Congressional hearings in Washington D.C. about their cooperation with Chinese government authorities in cracking down on dissidents.

According to the CNET News article Fresh U.S. outrage ahead of China Internet hearings, there is a "rising controversy over Yahoo's alleged role in the Chinese government's imprisonment of a second dissident".

See also Yahoo Grapples With Online Rights (New York Times, Feb. 13, 2006 - free registration may be required): "In advance of what could be harsh Congressional questioning this week, Yahoo plans to issue a statement today outlining its belief in openness and freedom of speech — even when it is forced to violate those beliefs by laws in China... In addition to pledging to work with industry, government and other groups to develop policies for doing business in restrictive countries, Yahoo, which censors the results on the Chinese version of its search engine to meet government demands, also said it would strive to make those restrictions apparent to users."
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