Thursday, March 09, 2006

From Lawyers' Wigs to Baseball Uniforms

On February 25, 2006, I posted about a recently published British history of the wigs and gowns worn by lawyers and judges.

Well, spring is around the corner, which means that the Gods of baseball are back. And guess what? Someone has created a site devoted to the history of the baseball uniform. It is called Dressed to the Nines: A History of the Baseball Uniform and is hosted by the Baseball Hall of Fame. It covers the history of baseball uniforms from the mid-1800s to today and includes an illustrated timeline, a database of uniform designs, and essays on the evolution of parts of the uniform (like the baseball cap, the jersey, the shoes, etc.)

And in case you were wondering what all this baseball stuff has to do with the law, there is indeed a point to this. The Law Library Journal (American Association of Law Libraries) published Baseball and the Law: A Selected Annotated Bibliography, 1990–2004 in the spring of 2005.

As we all know, fashion and baseball (and just about everything else) always lead back to the law.


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