Sunday, March 26, 2006

Is Podcasting Just a Marketing Gimmick? recently published 2 features on podcasting (audio feeds distributed over the Internet and that can be used on mobile devices):
Well, along comes LexBlog to ruin all the excitement. Over the weekend, it posted a reference to a study that downplays all of the claims about the advantages of podcast portability. The study found that 80% of podcast downloads are not transferred to mobile devices but are listened to on people's PCs. "Or, worse, never listened [to] or deleted."

As the author Kevin O'Keefe writes, "podcasts do drew attention to your blog, not because people want to listen to the podcast or download it. Podcasts draw attention to your blog because of the buzz you create on and offline by having one".

Of course, O'Keefe is in the business of legal marketing so that may account in part for his take on the issue.


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