Monday, April 24, 2006

Allan Legere Digital Archive - 1st Serial Killer Convicted by DNA Typing

This message was sent Saturday over the Canadian Association of Law Libraries listserv by the Chief Law Librarian, Gerard V. La Forest Law Library, University of New Brunswick.

"The Gerard V. La Forest Law Library at the University of New Brunswick yesterday launched a digital archive of documents and images related to the crimes, capture and trial of Allan Joseph Legere. Having escaped from a maximum security institution in New Brunswick in 1989, Legere was at large for 7 months, committed four brutal muders, and was the subject of the largest manhunt in RCMP history. His trial in 1991 was the first in which the new science of DNA typing was used to obtain a criminal conviction in Canada and was therefore a landmark in Canadian legal history [emphasis added]. You can view the site by visiting our web page ... "

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