Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Conservatives Introduce Federal Accountability Act

As promised, as one of its first legislative proposals, the new federal government tabled an accountability bill (C-2) today that aims to crack down on unethical actions by government officials.

The bill, if passed, would:
  • Clean up federal appointment and contracting processes
  • Create an independent parliamentary budget officer to monitor budget matters
  • Create the position of director of public prosecutions to conduct criminal investigations under federal law
  • Create a new combined conflict of interest and ethics commissioner who would be required to have a judicial or quasi-judicial background
  • Offer "ironclad protection" for whistleblowers
  • Bring more government agents and Crown corporations under the Access to Information Act, including the auditor general's office, Canada Post, Via Rail and the CBC

Thanks to the Legisinfo service of the Library of Parliament, it will be possible to follow the progress of Bill C-2 as it winds its way through Parliament

The government also tabled an action plan on the issue of government accountability.

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