Friday, April 07, 2006

More Court Changes in the UK

This is a follow-up to the April 5, 2006 posting Major Constitutional Reform in the UK.

The Judiciary of England and Wales has launched a new website that includes current court rulings, judges' speeches, court reports on legal issues, information on what UK judges do, and quizzes to educate the public on how the UK court system works.

In an article describing the website entitled Judges aim to dispel fusty image with first move into cyberspace, The Guardian writes: "The aim is to inform the public about the work judges do and dispel the perceived view that has emerged from surveys - that they are elderly, fuddy-duddies, who are out of touch with most people's lives and inclined to let criminals off with marshmallow sentences. No judicial bloggers have yet come forward but judges from the lowest rank to the court of appeal have written 'day in the life' diaries."

And yes, the website even has lots of materials on why UK magistrates have to wear those funny looking wigs.
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