Saturday, April 15, 2006

N-Lex - New Euro Gateway to National Law

At its last meeting in Brussels, the Council of the European Union officially launched the new experimental site N-Lex "which makes it possible for every citizen to consult via a single search mask the national legislation of Member States online. Access is thus not limited to national law linked to Community law but may include all areas of law. Access to N-Lex is free of charge."

One of the interesting features of N-Lex is the integration of Eurovoc, the European Union multilingual thesaurus used for the indexation of European legislative acts. N-Lex allows the searcher to search legislation in a foreign tongue by automatically translating controlled vocabulary words into the language of the country whose laws are being searched.

Of course, the search results are in the target language so you may be able to find every single mention of copyright ("avtorska pravica") in Slovenian statutes or in Dutch law ("auteursrecht"), but if you don't speak Slovenian or Dutch, that's a different matter...

Still, a very cool tool.

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