Monday, April 17, 2006

Standard for the Use of Electronic Documents as Documentary Evidence

On his blog, London, Ontario lawyer David Canton describes a recently released document from the Canadian General Standards Board entitled "National Standard for the Use of Electronic Documents as Documentary Evidence".

"The standard 'is intended for use by those who want to ensure that the recorded information ... in their IT systems is trustworthy, reliable and recognized as authentic.' (...) When it becomes necessary to rely on these documents, whether in a court proceeding or in a business situation, one must be able to show that the electronic version is reliable. The standard describes best practices for electronic storage of information. If an organization follows the standard, it will ensure its electronic documents are reliable in any situation (...) As a general rule, an electronic record may be used as evidence in a court proceeding if is shown to be reliable."

The full-text copy of the standard can be purchased for $115 (see p.23 of the Catalogue)


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