Friday, April 07, 2006

Web 2.0 Awards

These awards, announced March 28th, are intended to honour websites excelling in Web 2.0 capabilities.

The awards site includes descriptions and rankings of the winning sites in 38 categories such as blog guides, collaborative writing, e-mail & chat, personal start pages, social networking, tagging.

Librarian Gary Price, editor of The Resourceshelf and Director of Online Information Resources at, Danny Sullivan, editor of Search Engine Watch, and Brad Stone, Newsweek Silicon Valley Correspondent, were among the judges.

Web 2.0 is still an amorphous concept but its main characteristics are:
  • User generated and/or user influenced content
  • Applications that use the Web (versus the desktop) as a platform, in innovative ways
  • Leveraging of popular trends, including blogging, social tagging, wikis, and peer-to-peer sharing
  • Inclusion of emerging web technologies like RSS, AJAX, APIs
  • Open source or sharable/editable frameworks in the form of user-oriented "create your own" APIs
The awards are sponsored by SEOmoz, an Internet marketing and search engine optimization company.

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