Thursday, May 11, 2006

Harvard Blog and Legal Scholarship Conference Update (2)

This is an update to the May 1, 2006 post Harvard Blog and Legal Scholarship Conference Update. The post was about a recent conference at Harvard Law School on Bloggership: How Blogs are Transforming Legal Scholarship:

"In the past few years, blogs have begun to affect the delivery of legal education, the production and dissemination of legal scholarship, and the practice of law. We are delighted that over twenty of the nation’s leading law professor bloggers have agreed to join with us for the first scholarly conference on the impact of blogs on the legal academy."

3L Epiphany has gathered other bloggers' entries about the conference into one convenient easy-to-scan list.

The Harvard conference was mentioned by quite a number of people at special interest group meetings and in corridor conversations at the recent CALL 2006 conference in Edmonton (Canadian Association of Law Libraries) from which I got back last night.

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