Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Library of Parliament Renovations Finally Over

Earlier today, the Government of Canada sent out a very brief invitation to the media to attend a ceremony on May 30th marking the end of the multi-year renovations to the Library of Parliament, a neighbour of my workplace, the Supreme Court of Canada.

The renovations started in 2002 and are part of the large-scale modernization project of the Parliamentary Precinct, which includes one of the finest collections of neo-Gothic buildings in the world. The Library of Parliament is a veritable architectural gem and is a well-known icon of the Precinct.

Background information:

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posted by Michel-Adrien at 6:41 pm


Blogger Wendy Reynolds said...

I heard that the staff are not necessarily being returned to the Lib of P now that renos are completed. Can you confirm?

2:59 pm  

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