Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Distracted by Info Overload or Attracted by Infolust? has published a couple of interesting posts about how the ever expanding set of information tools people can have at their disposal often leads to distraction, feelings of constant attention deficit, even mental exhaustion (see Sorry, I Got Distracted and Changeful Complexity).

But there is another message out there. Brought to you from the "You say tomayto, and they say tomahto" department.

The website has found out that the masses seem to revel in their infolust:

"Experienced consumers are lusting after detailed information on where to get the best of the best, the cheapest of the cheapest, the first of the first, the healthiest of the healthiest, the coolest of the coolest, or on how to become the smartest of the smartest. Instant information gratification is upon us. So forget information overload: this desire for relevant information is insatiable, and will soon move from the online world to the ‘real’ world to achieve true ubiquity. Get ready for a click-and-know, point-and-know, text-and-know, hear-and-know, smell-and-know, touch-and-know and snap-and-know world."

And then my head exploded.


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posted by Michel-Adrien at 6:21 pm


Blogger Heather said...

"And then my head exploded." Laugh out loud funny, Michel! But me thinks you're on to something.

2:01 pm  

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