Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Open Invitation for Additions to Taxonomy of Legal Blogs

I received an e-mail from Moritz Law School (Ohio State University) student Ian Best, the 3L Epiphany blogger and the creator of the much noticed Taxonomy of Legal Blogs.

Ian has sent out an open invitation asking people to send in any suggestions for:
  • "adding legal blogs that are missing from the taxonomy...;
  • suggesting that legal blogs currently included in the taxonomy belong in different or additional categories;
  • suggesting that legal blogs which were purposely omitted from the taxonomy should be included ...;
  • suggesting that entirely new categories of legal blogs should be added, or that existing categories should be changed or subdivided; and
  • providing updates about legal blogs which have a new URL, or have become inactive"

Ian also draws attention in his e-mail to a number of blawg-related items on his blog:

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