Saturday, June 24, 2006

Recent Reports on Operations of Parliament

Earlier in June, 2 reports on the workings of federal parliamentary institutions were tabled in the House of Commons:
  • The House of Commons Report to Canadians 2006: "The Report to Canadians provides a look into the activities of Members and the work of the House of Commons Administration. It is one component in the House of Commons’ effort to increase the public’s understanding of Canada’s parliamentary system, and to maintain high standards of public-sector governance." The document explains the work of parliamentary committees, the everyday work of Members of Parliament, the behind-the-scenes support infrastructure for parliamentarians, procedure and rules of order, as well as interesting statistics such as the number of citizen petitions presented on different topics
  • Strategic Outlook for the 39th Parliament: this document outlines the governance vision as well as the objectives of the House of Commons administration
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