Saturday, July 08, 2006

Canada Ahead of U.S. On Net Neutrality Issue?

It is nice to see Canadians leading the way on an issue of significance.

According to Kevin O'Keefe of Real Lawyers Have Blogs, Canadian law bloggers have been much more aggressive in defending the concept of Net neutrality than their counterparts in that big Republic south of our borders.

Net neutrality generally means that media operators such as ISPs should not be allowed to introduce tiered pricing that favours their own content. The fear is that content creators that pay the ISPs will get the best access to users, whereas their competitors will get lower-quality or no access to users. CNN and the SunMedia chain will pay and get better distribution than smaller, alternative or non-profit sources, or even commercial sources that just happen to be less prosperous than the big monopoly conglomerates that have been gobbling up media properties left, right and centre.

Or an ISP could provide priority to a new service asociated with their media conglomerate owner, like VoIP, but block or offer lower-quality access to VoIP services provided by competitors.
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