Monday, July 03, 2006

Follow-Up to Anti-Terrorism News

This is a follow-up to an earlier post from June 29 entitled Anti-Terrorism News.

According to the JURIST legal news service, the British government is appealing a decision that terrorism suspects cannot be detained without charge under what are known as control orders in the United Kingdom.

Also in today's news, a committee of the British parliament has "warned that the 28-day limit for police to detain terror suspects without charge, mandated under the Terrorism Act 2006 may need to be extended".

Meanwhile, in Canada, various committees of Parliament are reviewing different aspects of Canada's anti-terrorism legislation. The Hill Times newspaper provides a good backgrounder on the issue.

Among the better resources out there on the subject of terrorism are:

  • Anti-Terrorism Law Resources: this site is maintained by Carter and Associates, leading experts in the area of charity and not-for-profit law in Canada
  • War on Terrorism Watch: this site was created by the Canadian Association of University Teachers and seeks to promote awareness of the numerous legislative initiatives taken by Western governments after the September 11, 2001 attacks and of their potential impact on rights and freedoms
  • International Terrorism: this is a list of websites selected by the Human Rights Research and Education Centre at the University of Ottawa
  • Anti-Terrorism Act: this subsection of the Justice Canada website explains the parliamentary review of the Anti-Terrorism Act, and links to government reports to parliament on the application of the Act, as well as to other government web resources
  • A Research Guide to Cases and Materials on Terrorism : this guide, published on the GlobaLex website (New York University Law School), aims to "provide some assistance in planning research and in formulating issues to address -- to examine the range of issues and provide links, first to sources that are considered reliable and unbiased, then to specimen law cases and scholarly articles and, finally, to opinions and arguments not otherwise adumbrated which, even if they are in support of a particular agenda are coherent, plausible and forthright in their advocacy or apologia."
  • MIPT Terrorism Bibliography: a searchable bibliography of references to terrorism which has been compiled by the National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism in Oklahoma City. It includes books, journal articles, pamphlets and government publications
  • Special Coverage - War on Terrorism: this site is maintained by maintained by Findlaw and provides comprehensive, though US-centred, news, commentary, case law and official documents
  • Terrorism - Liberty: maintained by leading UK human rights group Liberty. It provides free access to their press releases, statements, briefings and full text reports on issues such as detention of terrorism suspects and anti-terrorism legislation
  • Human Rights Watch Work on Counterterrorism: contains news items as well as briefings from the well-known human rights lobby group

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