Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Canadian Government Audit and Evaluation Reports

This is a follow-up to last week's August 28, 2006 post entitled Government Accountability Resources that looked at some of the sources for performance and accountability reports that public agencies are required to produce for different governments around the world.

In addition to the other Canadian sources I mentioned, in Canada, the Treasury Board Secretariat maintains an Audit and Evaluation Database that includes departmental and government performance reports as well as other audits of government activities.

"Several hundred records of findings are added to the database each year, including information from evaluations, audits, manager-led reviews, self- assessments and continuous performance measurement systems. This information is always being updated".

One can find the latest reports, or browse by department, Treasury Board policy area (e.g. capital plans, HR, information management, compensation, etc.), by areas of expertise relevant to particular parliamentary committees, or by government "strategic outcome". There is also a keyword search.

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