Sunday, October 22, 2006

Canadians Can Only Salivate at U.S. FirstGovSearch

When it comes to searching Canadian government websites, we have this disappointing tool.

In that Republic to the South of our borders, they have the very cool clustering technology of FirstGov Search, which, according to ResourceShelf, has now become even better with search capability for news and images.

Users can choose to search government websites, just news, or just images. Using Advanced Search, it is also possible to limit a search to federal sites or to a specific state. Within a News search, one can limit the search to news from a specific U.S. government source.

Depending on the search, results may be sorted by topic, agency, or source, or by type such as FAQs, forms, and podcasts.

For a general overview of what the FirstGov search engine has to offer, there is an introduction from Feb. 2006 entitled The Government Domain: FirstGov becomes First in Government Search

A very versatile tool. In many ways, significantly ahead of what the Canadian federal government has produced.

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