Monday, October 30, 2006

Coming Upgrades to Justice Canada's Consolidated Statutes

According to a recent article entitled Justice Department upgrade to ease legislative changes on the website, Justice Canada "signed a service agreement for seven years (four years, plus a three-year option) with Irosoft to maintain and develop modules for its Legislative Information Management System(LIMS). LIMS is a suite of applications from various vendors that includes a legislative drafting environment, an automated act and regulation consolidation environment, a dissemination environment, an intranet, a Web site and a system for printing acts and regulations".

One of the many modernization projects that Irosoft, a Montreal-based firm, will be leading will involve helping Justice Canada develop and deploy a point-in-time module that will allow the public to determine the text of a federal law or regulation at a specific point in time, all for free.

As the president of the company is quoted as saying: "If you kill somebody today and you’re arrested 20 years from now, it’s the legislation that’s enforced now that will be used for your case."

That's usually not what most of us are thinking about when we ask for historical versions of legislation, but given the horribly irritating weather lately in this part of Canada, you just never know - the information may come in handy one day.

I just love software guys and their turns of phrase.

[Source - a post by Dominique Jaar on]

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