Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Law Library Blogs One of the Largest Blawg Categories

The blawg.com site reports that blogs maintained by law libraries are one of the largest categories in its directory.

Bill Gratsch, author of the site, comments:

"(...) just in reading through the postings from this group, it is readily apparent that they are offering a valuable service to the legal community at large. Both in pointers to new research resources and in general legal news and updates. For example, attorneys could clearly benefit from subscribing to the content from their local law school's or bar association's library blawg. These research professionals are often well-versed in recent legal developments in the state or city where the library is located. Just tapping into these daily updates for information of import to the local Bar could be a valuable time saver."

3L Epiphany has compiled another shorter list of Law Library and Librarian Blogs.

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