Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Report Calls for Major Reforms to Canada Labour Code

A major new report by the Federal Labour Standards Review Commission released yesterday is calling for an overhaul of federal labour standards which have changed little since they were introduced some 40 years ago.

The standards, which form Part III of the Canada Labour Code, cover hours of work, minimum wages, statutory holidays and annual vacations, statutory leaves (maternity, parental, compassionate care, bereavement and sick leave) and the termination of contracts of employment.

They apply to workers under federal jurisdiction such as those employed in banks, telecom or broadcast firms, postal services, airlines, surface transportation, airports and seaports, grain handling facilities, nuclear facilities and First Nations governments.

Among the major recommendations of the report, that comes after 2 years of broad-based consultations:

  • Ottawa should re-establish a federal minimum wage - the report does not suggest any floor but notes that many suggestions were made during hearings for a figure of at least $10 per hour
  • Temporary, part-time, contract and other vulnerable workers deserve much fairer treatment - they should receive equal wages and benefits for equal work as compared to permanent full-time staff, and be able to climb out of their precarious status after a given period
  • There is a need for tighter rules governing overtime
  • Work-family balance has to be made a priority, including better annual holidays, and easier access to study and to family leave
  • Financial penalties for violations of labour standards by employers need to be made much tougher than is currently the case

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