Tuesday, November 14, 2006

UK Courts to Accept TV Cameras

The British media is reporting that civil and criminal trials in the UK may soon be televised.

According to the Nov. 13, 2006 Reuters article Courtroom TV could be a step nearer, "(P)roposals that could lead to television cameras being installed in courts could soon be set out by the Lord Chancellor, Lord Falconer, head of the judiciary. A five-week pilot was started in Nov 2004 in the Court of Appeal in the Royal Courts of Justice in London and the consultation process was completed in the summer of 2005."

The same day article in The Times, entitled Criminal trials to be shown on television, explains that there would be "curbs on coverage to prevent victims and witnesses being identified."

Also, "(U)nder relaxed rules, court proceedings that could be televised include: appeals; civil proceedings — opening and closing arguments, judge’s ruling; Crown Court trials— opening speeches, closing speeches, judges’ summing up, passing of sentence; appeals in family cases but not those involving children."

A consultation paper should be ready by Christmas.

Related Library Boy post - Report on TV Cameras in Ontario Courtrooms (August 24, 2006): "A report released today by Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant recommends that cameras be allowed in some courts in the province. This would include TV cameras.The list of Courts would cover the Ontario Court of Appeal and lower courts where no witnesses would be examined."

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