Monday, January 01, 2007

Collection of "Best of 2006" Lists

The website Fimoculous brings together a wide-ranging and very eclectic collection of "best of" lists for 2006.

It has everything from Best Book Covers (Bookslut) to Worst Movie Trailers (iFilm) and from Top 100 Wines (Wine Spectator) to Sexiest Man Alive (Salon) and ranges through the worlds of advertising, architecture, art, automobiles, books, comics, DVDs, films, food/drink, gadgets, games, ideas, media, music, online, paranormal (!), people, photos, sports, tech/science, theatre, toys, travel, TV, videos, words and miscellaneous.

Other lists about events in 2006 can be found in various locations on the Net. Resourceshelf lists many of them in its Year-End Wrap-Ups category.

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