Saturday, January 27, 2007

How Accurate Are Tech Trend Predictions?

Well-known professional librarian Walt Crawford, now at the library service and research organization OCLC, has looked at the tech predictions of the past 2 years from a number of sources in order to try to establish some sort of scorecard.

He also comments on some current predictions.

Earlier Library Boy posts about tech trends and predictions include:
  • Information World Trends to Watch in 2007 (January 9, 2007): "On publisher Information Today's website, veteran commentator Paula Hane has an article summing up information industry news from 2006 ('The Year of 2.0') and looking ahead to 2007 (...) She also links to a number of other perspectives on what was important in 2006 and what should be on people's radar screens for 2007."
  • 2007 Technology Trends (January 22, 2007): "The American Library Association (ALA) is holding its midwinter meeting this week in Seattle. At every ALA conference, one of its subdivisions, the Library Information Technology Association or LITA, organizes a panel on 'Top Technology Trends'."

Additional texts on emerging tech trends I would suggest:


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Blogger waltc said...

A small correction: Technically, I'm not a professional librarian (I don't have the accredited master's). And I really wasn't trying to establish a scorecard; I was just resuming an annual tradition of noting interesting predictions and how they came out. Thanks for the mention.

3:01 pm  

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