Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Information World Trends to Watch in 2007

On publisher Information Today's website, veteran commentator Paula Hane has an article summing up information industry news from 2006 ("The Year of 2.0") and looking ahead to 2007.

Among the issues she has highlighted:
  • Continued growth in wikis as collboration tools
  • More interesting and useful mashups (combinations of tools and contents from multiple sources)
  • Ubiquitous applets providing easy desktop access to useful tools, functions, and content
  • An accelerating pace of change
  • Video will continue to be a big deal
  • We will continue to grapple with the Google effect. It's still a disruptive force in most business markets
  • Increasing emphasis on participatory sites in news production and dissemination
  • Copyright issues could come to a head in 2007

She also links to a number of other perspectives on what was important in 2006 and what should be on people's radar screens for 2007.


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