Monday, January 22, 2007

More on Data Security Breaches in Canada

This is a follow-up to the January 19, 2007 post entitled Recent Rash of Data Security Breaches in Canada.

University of Ottawa law prof Michael Geist has chimed in with his comments on the recent data security breaches at Winners and CIBC that may have jeopardized the private credit information of millions of consumers.

Entitled Privacy Breaches Expose Flaws in Law, Geist's text analyzes some of the reasons why Canada currently lacks a data security notification law. Such a law would require organizations that suffer a security breach putting personal information at risk to notify affected individuals.

Geist points out that industry groups appearing in front of a parliamentary committee late last year looking into the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act have come out strongly against a notification law.

He also writes:

"the current complaints-driven privacy law framework is ill-equipped to adequately address security breaches. Individuals must be aware of an alleged privacy violation in order to file a complaint. In the case of a security breach, unless the organization notifies their customers, individuals typically only become aware of the situation once their credit cards become overdrawn or their bank account is cleaned out".

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