Wednesday, January 31, 2007

PBS TV Series on History of the U.S. Supreme Court

Tonight, the U.S. public television network PBS will start the broadcast of a series on the history of the American Supreme Court.

The website for the series comes with a timeline, video excerpts, quizzes, discussion guides, lesson plans for teachers and more. has more on the 4-part documentary series in an article entitled PBS Series Spotlights the Supreme Court's Past and Present Personalities:

"It is a must-see series that takes the viewer back to the pitifully weak early days of the Court, then all the way forward to its current incarnation as a center-of-the-universe powerhouse. It perfectly tees up the current air of anticipation over just how conservative the new Roberts Court is -- or will be, with another vacancy or two".
Most Canadians with cable can receive the PBS signal.

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