Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Podcast on Teaching Legal Research

Jim Milles, director of the Law Library at the University of Buffalo Law School, is teaching a course this spring entitled Teaching Legal Research.

The lecture for his first class was yesterday and is available in the form of a podcast.

Milles will be podcasting all of his lectures in the class.

On their own, I don't think podcasts make for effective teaching tools because a large part of the learning experience involves interaction, reading, etc.

It appears though that the intention is for the site to include links to teaching materials in other formats such as PDF. I hope that the various student projects as well as course handouts will also be added to the website.

But this class is an interesting experiment in its attempt to show how podcasts can be incorporated as an additional dissemination tool. And Milles is certainly the person who can make it work.

He is a pioneer in law library podcasting and his podcast Check This Out! is already up to its 56th weekly episode.

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