Thursday, January 25, 2007

Upcoming Library and Infoworld Conferences in Canada

Here is a list of upcoming conferences that may be of interest:
  • Superconference 2007 (Ontario Library Association) - Toronto, Jan. 31-Feb. 3, 2007: "MySpace, Facebook, Blogger, Flickr, YouTube, LibraryThing, BoingBoing are just a few of the hundreds of social networking sites that are a global phenomenon attracting tens of millions of visitors every month. Whether or not we are users of one or more of these sites, we cannot escape hearing and reading about them. And whether we like it or not, social networking is influencing how we think about our users and the services we offer them.How are librarians and libraries incorporating social networking into their realms? What is the future of libraries, library services and librarians in such a rapidly changing landscape? What can we learn and take from the success of social networking?"
  • Canadian Association of Law Libraries CAPITALizing on Change Conference - Ottawa, May 6-9, 2007: "A key theme of our conference is change, and how law librarians and their organizations can meet the challenges of the next 10 years. The advent of the web and self-service legal research tools have put answers at the fingertips of our traditional clients, changing the sort of guidance and assistance they expect from their librarians. We are beginning to see implications -- and opportunities -- in some of the new technology-driven social networks that are now evolving so quickly. Questions that we will be asking ourselves at this conference will include how to reinvent ourselves; and how to get in front of these trends, and use them to our advantage to better serve our organizations."
  • Canadian Association for Information Science - Montreal, May 10-12, 2007: "With focus on innovative research and on information science as an evolving field, the conference will provide information scientists with a forum for presentation on four areas that form the conference program theme." The four areas are 1) Context, Environment and Profession; 2) Human-Information Interaction; 3) Technology and Tools; and 4) Management, Analysis and Organization of Information
  • Corporation des bibliothécaires professionnels du Québec - Gatineau, May 16-18, 2007: the conference will look at the future of the profession, the internal organization of libraries in the context of technological change, the impact of open access and digitization, etc.
  • Canadian Library Association National Conference - St.John's, May 23-26, 2007: "Our profession's greatest resources are our human resources. Recent Canadian research ("The Future of Human Resources in Canadian Libraries" ["The 8Rs Report"]; "Training Gaps Analysis: Librarians and Library Technicians" by the Cultural Human Resources Council) demonstrates the need for the profession to examine the future of human resources in Canadian libraries and information services: what we have, what we are going to lose, what we will need, and how to ensure there are skilled people in place for the foreseeable future. Delegates to 2007 National Conference will come away with conceptual and practical tools for improving their libraries through focusing on people: professional librarians, paraprofessionals, other library workers, volunteers, friends and other stakeholders."

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