Sunday, February 11, 2007

More on Supreme Court Advocacy Training Program

This is another follow-up to the February 6, 2007 Library Boy post entitled Training Program To Prep Lawyers For Supreme Court.

The Osgoode Hall law school blog The Court has additional information about this independent non-governmental project called the Supreme Court Advocacy Institute:
  1. the program is open to all counsel, not only first-timers;
  2. it is available both to the private Bar and government counsel;
  3. before enrolling, counsel need to have leave to appeal granted by the Court;
  4. the program helps counsel prepare for an actual appeal;
  5. it is free;
  6. the Institute is independent of any private or government organization, and non-partisan;
  7. the Institute is about advocates helping their colleagues;
  8. the program is national and bilingual;
  9. the Institute’s website is coming soon to;
  10. the Institute’s goal is to assist counsel and the Court by improving the quality of advocacy in this unique forum.

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