Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Training Program To Prep Lawyers For Supreme Court

The Globe and Mail's justice reporter Kirk Makin has an article in today's edition of the Toronto daily entitled Rookie lawyers to get 'dry run' at top court that discusses plans for a new training program to help lawyers prepare for the often gruelling appearances in front of the Supreme Court.

It all involves realistic "mock hearings set up to simulate the pressure-cooker atmosphere the novices will face in the Supreme Court".

The project will be called the Supreme Court Advocacy Institute and includes a former Supreme Court justice as well as many top members of Canada's civil and criminal bar who will sit on panels critiquing the presentations of the "trainees".

The executive director of Institute explained that "subjecting novice counsel to the exhilarating, intimidating reality of a top-court hearing will have significant benefits for both novice lawyers and Supreme Court judges who are frequently frustrated by naive or unfocused advocacy".

The Institute will be funded entirely by law firms and law societies. It will have no official ties to the real Supreme Court of Canada.

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