Wednesday, March 28, 2007

6 Year Old Hacks Into UK Parliament Computers

British MP Anne Milton agreed to leave her parliamentary office computer unattended for 60 seconds as part of a test of House of Commons IT security by the BBC's Inside Out TV program.

It took a 6 year old schoolgirl named Brianagh just 15 seconds to install keylogging software without being noticed.

Keylogging applications record all the keystrokes made on a machine and can therefore be used to steal passwords, financial data and personal information.

And no, the little girl is not some freaky precocious genius.

"Top fraud expert, Neil Munroe from Equifax, admits that keyloggers are fast becoming the weapon of choice for a new breed of high-tech gangsters. 'There's been a 5,000% increase in fraudsters getting information off you in this type of way. It's certainly the area they're focussing on'."

"Getting into the House of Commons now involves X-rays, body searches and a gauntlet of policemen with guns. But sneaking Brianagh's keylogger past all this security was child's play."

"Computer security consultant Tobias Scmitt believes the House of Commons may need to rethink some of its security procedures. 'They're concentrating too much on guns and bombs and not thinking about small, James Bond-type, spying devices that are now accessible to everyone', he says."


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