Saturday, March 17, 2007

Basex Report On Dealing With Information Overload

The Basex research company has just published a paper entitled Information Overload: We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us that deals with how the flood of data and information from more and more sources (e-mail, databases, RSS feeds, etc.) is affecting the nerves and productivity of knowledge workers. Download is free with registration online.

"The problem of information overload is multi-faceted. It covers e-mail overload, interruptions, new technologies that compete for our attention, and improved and ubiquitous connectivity (...)"

"Defining the problem from the foregoing isn't that simple either. It's not just a case of too much e-mail, too many interruptions, too many projects, or too many instant messaging sessions. It's how these things all mesh together - sometimes like an orchestra without a conductor".

"In other words (...) the likelihood of being able to complete a task (what many call 'work') without interruption is nearly nil".
The report analyzes the human, technological and organizational factors that lead to overload, and the cost to organizations. It also provides an overview of the experience of a number of large companies and suggests strategies for mitigating and avoiding "infomania".


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