Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New International Law Research Guides

GlobaLex, the online legal collection at the New York University School of Law, has added new research guides to its list:
  • A Brief Guide to Select Databases for Spanish-Speaking Jurisdictions caught my attention since I have been trying to learn Spanish since last May: "This brief article aspires to present evaluations that guide the time-pressed researcher, so that she may focus upon those sources that provide access to materials of the greatest value, and avoid sources of lesser value. It is my hope that the novice librarian working in Foreign, Comparative, and International Legal Research (FCIL Research) will gather some critical entry points into accessing and evaluating some of the major databases providing access to Spanish-language legal materials from this article. While space has prevented a thorough analysis of each and every online source, the databases analyzed below are educational examples; some by virtue of their accomplishments, and some by virtue of what they lack." The document covers Lexis, Westlaw, and non-commercial databases and portals.
  • International Human Rights Research Guide: this document covers the system of United Nations human rights documentation, international organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, university websites and law journals.

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