Monday, April 02, 2007

New Library of Parliament Publication on Competition Law

The Parliamentary Information and Research Service of the Library of Parliament has just made available its legislative summary of Bill C-41: An Act to amend the Competition Act:

"Bill C-41, An Act to amend the Competition Act, was introduced in the House of Commons and received first reading on 7 December 2006. The bill amends the Competition Act by providing a new power to the Competition Tribunal to order a telecommunications service provider to pay an administrative monetary penalty (AMP) if it abuses its dominant position".

"The amount of the AMP imposed may be up to $15 million. The bill sets out four specific factors the Competition Tribunal shall take into account in determining the amount to impose in a specific case, but leaves it open to the Tribunal to consider 'any other relevant factor.' A telecommunications service provider that contravenes an order to pay an AMP under the new provision is not guilty of an offence".

It is possible to follow the progress of Bill C-41 on the LEGISinfo website. An RSS feed is available.

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