Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Upcoming Free Library Webinars From SirsiDynix

The SirsiDynix Institute regularly offers free webinars:
"Attend online as the SirsiDynix Institute presents compelling speakers selected from among leaders in librarianship and information technology. In each biweekly Web conference, presenters will share their expertise and enhance your understanding of current topics important to librarians".
2 interesting events planned for the summer are:
  • Writing for the Library Profession (July 10, 2007): "From blog postings, to periodical and newsletter articles to website content and even to books library staff are increasingly being asked to write (...) This SirsiDynix Institute brings together two library leaders, authors, bloggers and journalists to share their secrets and tips. Both share the experience of putting together this year's bestselling Out Front with Stephen Abram. Judith Siess's latest book is The New OPL Sourcebook: A Guide for Solo and Small Libraries . Their blogs are among the most popular, Stephen's Lighthouse and OPL Plus (not just for OPLs anymore)."
  • Free your content! RSS for Libraries (August 7, 2007): "Paul [Pival —Distance Education Librarian, University of Calgary] and Meredith [Farkas —Distance Learning Librarian, Norwich University] will describe what RSS is and how to use it in a variety of ways in libraries: to make it easier for users to find out about your collections and programs, to push subject-related content to patrons, and to publish dynamic content on a variety of pages. There are many tools that make generating RSS feeds, subscribing to RSS feeds, displaying RSS feeds and mixing RSS feeds an incredibly simply proposition for those with little technical knowledge. In addition, they will show you how to use RSS to easily keep up with the topics you are interested in without having to visit multiple websites each day."

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