Thursday, July 05, 2007

Library Philosophy and Practice: Special Journal Issue on Libraries and Google

Library Philosophy and Practice, a peer-reviewed electronic journal from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries, recently published a special issue entitled Shape Shifters: Librarians Evolve Yet Again in the Age of Google:

"As the tools of the age of Google have become integral to research and other activities, librarians have adapted in three key ways: using the tools, creating and improving library tools, and grappling with the social and pedagogical implications of the tools. This special issue invites readers to consider specific instances of these modes of adaptation".

"The first group of articles examines how librarians have taken advantage of opportunities presented by age-of-Google tools to improve workflow and service (...) The second group of articles shows how librarians adapt to the challenge of the age-of-Google service model, in which user expectations drive service (...) The third group of articles explores how librarians are changing how they think about information literacy and authority in the age of Google".

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