Monday, September 10, 2007

Article on Blogging Judges

The Spring/Summer 2007 issue of Case in Point, a publication of the National Judicial College in the United States, has an article called Bench Blogging (starts at page 3) about judges who blog.

The College, located on the campus of the University of Nevada in Reno, is the top judicial training institution in the U.S.

The article interviews a number of blogging judges and discusses many of the ethical issues involved.

It also lists "Some Do’s and Don’ts for Blogging Judges":
  • DO provide links to other sites and to raw materials so people can find information more easily.
  • DO treat blogs the same as any other mode of communication, adhering to the canons of ethics.
  • DO blog on judicial issues to provide information other judges may need.
  • DO provide helpful tips on challenges such as caseload management.
  • DO write about judicial issues that might give citizens a better understanding of the court system.
  • DON’T write blog posts about pending cases.
  • DON’T mix your personal and your professional life into one blog.
  • DON’T write anything that could compromise your safety or the safety of those in the courthouse.
  • DON’T blog on issues that could increase the number of cases from which you could be recused.

I posted about Judges Who Blog on April 19, 2006.

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