Thursday, September 06, 2007

Canada Post Salutes 100th Anniversary of Law Societies of Alberta and Saskatchewan

On September 13, 2007, Canada Post will mark the 100th anniversary of the Law Society of Alberta and of the Law Society of Saskatchewan by issuing 2 domestic (52 cents) commemorative stamps.

The stamp celebrating the birthday of the Law Society of Alberta is designed by Xerxes Irani:

"A photograph of James Muir, the Society's first President, lies alongside the books, and the Society's original seals are embedded on the books' spines."
The stamp saluting the centennial of the Law Society of Saskatchewan is designed by Catharine Bradbury:

" 'The key photograph of the stamp is the historic photo of the Benchers, who were founding members of the law society,' Bradbury explains. The second visual is a photo taken from the registry roll of the society. This roll has been signed by every member of the society since its formation. 'The colours,' Bradbury says, 'are all derived from the handmade paper found on the inside cover of the roll.' It is a philatelic homage to this institution which oversees the pursuit of law and justice in the public interest."


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