Thursday, September 06, 2007

New Biblioblogosphere Survey Results

Meredith Farkas, author of the blog Information Wants To Be Free, has just published the results of her survey of library bloggers.

She received some 839 responses. Major results and/or comments from Farkas:
  • female bloggers - 66.3%
  • "The percentage of folks in the 40-60 range definitely went up since 2005, which means that the blogosphere is definitely getting more diverse in terms of age".
  • "The Midwest is still grealy overrepresented here as it was in 2005".
  • bloggers with the Master's degree - 71.5%, library school students - 13.2%: "The numbers haven’t changed too much for those blogging with and without a Masters in Library/Information Science, but there are definitely a good deal more people in library school who are blogging (they were only 8.6% of the population in 2005). That’s great news!"
  • "Public libraries have certainly made a comeback and are now a much more significant portion of the biblioblogosphere. I wonder if that can be attributed to changing attitudes about blogs or to the increased education about social software in public libraries (thanks to initiatives like Learning 2.0). The percentages are also up in library systems and consortia, school libraries and medical/health science libraries. " Self-identified law librarians who blog represent 2.3% of those who answered this question about their workplace.
  • "The blogosphere is definitely getting more diverse in terms of the types of positions people work in. The percentage of people working solely with library technologies has actually declined from 2005. People who self-identified as being in public services areas of library service make up the largest part of the blogging population (34.6%). The next largest are those working in library technologies (20.6%) and technical services (9.3%)".

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