Thursday, September 13, 2007

Review of New Zealand Privacy Law

Yesterday, I published a post about the Review of Australian Privacy Law.

There is a similar review being done by the Law Commission of New Zealand:

"This review of public registers is part of the Law Commission’s major review of privacy, to be conducted in four stages (...) This is a complex and wide-ranging project in four stages, and it will not be completed until late 2008".

"Stage 1 of the review is a high-level policy overview that will set the conceptual framework and help identify issues for more detailed examination in the later stages. The Stage 1 report will consider different ways of conceptualising privacy, and discuss the implications of political, social and technological change for privacy protection. The report will be published in early 2008".

"Stage 2 is concerned with public registers. This issues paper is a preliminary publication inviting public submissions and comment by 5 November 2007. These will be taken into account and a report produced in early 2008, in tandem with the Stage 1 report. Stage 3 will examine the adequacy of New Zealand’s civil and criminal law to deal with invasions of privacy, and Stage 4 will be a review of the Privacy Act 1993".

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