Friday, March 28, 2008

United Nations' List of 10 Neglected Stories from 2007

The UN Department of Public Information has launched a list of ten stories from 2007 that flew under the radar of most people's attention:

"But given the global reach of news stories, people are sometimes thought to be reaching saturation point; in view of the natural human tendency to focus on a few high-visibility emergencies, the Department of Public Information (DPI) is launching a list of stories that unfolded in the course of 2007 that the world may wish to hear more about."
Many of the these neglected stories have a legal dimension. The Ten Stories page on the UN website links to background information and to web links for each topic. They are:
  • Northern Uganda: Major steps towards peace in a decades-old conflict
  • The Excluded: The hidden world of the stateless
  • Extreme weather events are part of a “new normal” trend
  • The suffering of the girl soldier
  • At a fragile crossroads: Afghanistan and the international community must pull together
  • A deadly disease no more – advances in malaria prevention and treatment
  • Promotion and protection of human rights: The role of special procedures of the Human Rights Council
  • Policing for peace: The law-and-order role played by blue berets
  • Southern Sudan: A path to ‘indivisible peace’ in the country
  • Bird flu pushed back – but threat of a human pandemic remains

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