Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Resource Guide on Reliability of Fingerprint Evidence

The legal research website recently added a new resource guide on Fingerprint Evidence Challenges that presents material on the topic of the reliability of fingerprint evidence:
"Recent legal scholarship, forensic studies and Frye/Daubert hearings are adding to our understanding of the nature and limits of this commonly used identification method. The new picture that is emerging will impact the administration of justice and sound a tocsin as we move into the era of biometrics.

This article is a collection of select resources published on the web concerning the reliability and admissibility of fingerprint evidence. Links to guides, standards and related materials are listed to provide some background on the processes and application of this identification technique."

[Note: Frye/Daubert refers to U.S. federal court rules for the admissibility of expert scientific evidence ]

While the case law examples are taken from U.S. jurisprudence, the journal articles and forensic science sources cited are of interest to people outside the United States.

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