Sunday, June 15, 2008

Canadian Human Rights Commission Report on National Security

The Canadian Human Rights Commission has released a new report entitled Human Rights Issues in National Security: An Inventory of Agency Considerations:
"In 2006, the CHRC commissioned research by Wesley K. Wark. His report, National Security and Human Rights Concerns in Canada: A Survey of Eight Critical Issues in the Post-9/11 Environment, examined the application and evolution of national security policy since September 11, 2001 and the key accountability and responsibility mechanisms for those policies. The report recommended that the CHRC consider monitoring legislative changes in the mandate of national security agencies and develop a database of human rights concerns from the public reports issued by the review agencies responsible for national security and intelligence."

"Stemming from these recommendations, this report examines the extent to which national security agencies and their monitors are directed by legislation to consider and report on human rights issues, as defined by the Canadian Human Rights Act. It also explores any statements that consider human rights made by these agencies in reports or parliamentary appearances."

"The research process was initiated by examining the legislation and regulations that generally apply to national security agencies. This legislation and associated regulations were examined for any reference to human rights, whether direct or indirect, including those portions that outline the agencies’ reporting mechanisms. Only those statutes that relate to national security were reviewed rather than those that assign general enforcement power. These findings are outlined in the first section of the report."

"In the second section, each of the agencies is reviewed in turn. Each review begins with the legislation and regulations that create or recognize national security agencies or their monitors. The legislation and regulations are reviewed for any general reference to human rights, whether direct or indirect including those portions that outline any reporting mechanisms."

"The findings from the agencies’ public reports and parliamentary committee appearances are subsequently analyzed. All of the reports submitted to Parliament in the last 10 years by national security institutions were examined to determine their consideration and reporting of human rights issues."

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