Monday, June 09, 2008

Statistics Canada Report on Hate Crimes

Today, Statistics Canada released a study entitled Hate-motivated crime, 2006:
"Hate-motivated incidents account for a relatively small proportion of both police-reported and self-reported crime. In both cases, race/ethnicity is the most common motivation for these crimes."

"In 2006, police services covering 87% of Canada's population reported 892 hate-motivated crimes, of which 6 in 10 were motivated by race/ethnicity."

"Another one-quarter of hate crimes were motivated by religion and 1 in 10 by sexual orientation. Hate crimes accounted for less than 1% of all criminal incidents reported by police."

"The study (...) showed that half of all hate-motivated crimes reported by police were property-related offences, usually mischief, while one-third were violent offences such as assault."

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