Sunday, August 03, 2008 Social Bookmarking Site Overhaul, the popular social bookmarking service that allows users to store, annotate and share bookmarks, has gone through a major overhaul and been renamed Delicious (without the dots).

The What's New page on the Delicious website describes the changes. There is more on the Delicious blog.

Many libraries have been turning to web 2.0 tools such as Delicious, as I noted in earlier Library Boy posts such as:
  • MIT Updates Virtual Reference Pages Using Social Bookmarking (July 9, 2007): "The library at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is using the social bookmarking site to keep its virtual reference web pages up to date (...) What is interesting is that MIT uses an RSS feed to send the links from the account to its virtual reference collection, making maintenance a much easier task."
  • Use of Social Tagging in Libraries Spreading (September 17, 2007): "The article Tags Help Make Libraries in the online version of Library Journal describes how more and more libraries are turning to social bookmarking tools such as to organize information about recommended resources and replace the traditional subject guide."

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The user interface has also been updated for usability purposes, while new features include the ability to sort bookmarks alphabetically and selectable level details."Moving to will make it easier for people to find the site and share it with their friends," the Delicious team said."Of course, the old domain and all its URLs will continue to work."Delicious founder Joshua Schachter told Rands In Repose four years ago that he regretted the original name as it was hard to talk about it without feeling "silly".

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