Monday, August 25, 2008

Government 2.0 Conference in Ottawa in October

The next annual Government Technology Exhibition and Conference (GTEC) is taking place at the Ottawa Westin Hotel, October 27-30, 2008.

GTEC is an annual meeting place for IT/IM decision-makers from the federal, provincial, municipal, and regional levels of government.

This year's theme will be "Make the Shift to Government 2.0":
"This theme continues our exploration of innovation, collaboration and transformation in the delivery of 'citizen-centered' services. Equally, we will explore the 'people challenge' (human resources) of equipping IT managers and service delivery channels 'back office' solutions for 'front office' service delivery. This discussion will also involve exploring how to align the program side of government with the traditionally innovation-focused IT/IM community. While government is certainly not a business, departments and service areas are large, complex organizations requiring agile and effective (results-oriented) operations. How is information and communications technology enabling government operations? What are the challenges and priorities of governments in the web 2.0 driven business world? Where does the citizen stand as we move to Government 2.0, as an active participant or a recipient of what departments can manage to accomplish?"

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